Feeling morally superior about our COVID-19 behaviors.
And what it reduces us to.
On not accomplishing lockdown pursuits & realizing that I don't try hard enough.
I didn't think I was ready for a reopened world until I traveled to the land of fire and ice.
Remember the B.C. period? Noticed that 'Before Coronavirus' can be abbreviated as 'B.C.' Should we start using it after years that precede 2020? Like '2018 B.C.?'
Are we in the year 2021 or 2020 part II? So…do we think 2020 is really over? Explain your reasoning.
That's right, we're getting meta with this post. Here are my thoughts on the concept of trying to rate something on a 5-star scale.
Can't we all just be thankful that we don't have to see that racist uncle this year?
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Quarantine: Voices in Social Isolation